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Extremely High-Speed Laser Processes
For Sustainable And Flexible Manufacturing


LaserWay aims to develop WayFASTER machines to improve the performance of laser technologies through lightweight designs, vibration control techniques, and program optimizations tailored for high-speed laser applications. WayBETTER Photonics will ensure precise delivery of the laser beam at extreme speeds, targeting three laser technologies with unique demands. The WaySTRONGER integration concept aims to enhance the sustainability, resilience, and flexibility of current manufacturing processes by integrating new technologies mechanically and digitally.

The project’s success will provide a competitive edge for industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and water filtering, by reducing processing times, improving material usage, and enhancing end-product quality.

More sustainable production of car parts for a less wasteful automotive industry

Increased fuel efficiency in airplanes by reducing the drag forces

Reduction in toxicity and pollution of brake disc coating processes

More efficient water filters for cleaner rivers and oceans

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Project Information

Coordinated by IDEKO S COOP


Grant agreement ID:

Ongoing project

EU contribution

Overall budget:
€ 5 392 275,72

Funded Under:
Digital, Industry and Space


Start Date:
1 January 2024

End Date:
31 December 2026

16 Participants

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